Friday, October 18, 2013

Did we really go to the moon?

Did We Really Go to the Moon?


It starts out as one of those good ideas.  It is the last day of Homecoming Week at school and I decide to show a movie about Apollo Missions to the Moon.  The movie documents the heroic effort by men and women of our country working on the spacefligh project, destined to have man walk on the Moon.

From the back of the classroom yells a student, “That is all fake.  That never really happen.  It was all just made up.”  I then snap back, “I believe in the science and it did happen.  I lived it.”  The argument persists and I add that it is belief in pseudoscience that you are talking about if you do not believe that historically America once put men on the Moon and brought them back alive.

The furor in class dies down and the movie continues, but a girl in my class whispers a question to me.  “Did we really go to the Moon?  Did we really do that?” And I gleefully and quietly comment back “Yes we did, It really happen.”

With computer technology no more sophisticated than that of a high school calculator, we conquered the challenge of going to another planet and we looked back upon ourselves with amazement and humility.  Stunned by the history and ideas presented in the movie and championed by her science teacher, the young lady might realize things differently with eyes now full of wonderment and glee too!

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Shefali said...

Yes Greg,Such is the power of a teacher !!! Students have great faith ...We have a great responsibility ...that we use it judiciously and speak carefully...